Building a Straw Bale Green House

Frame for Sun Room/Green House

In late 2011, Charles and I began the construction of a timber-framed straw bale green house that will have a hoop house attached. Mostly I helped dig the drainage ditch for the foundation, which will drain into a bioswale. The green house will increase our capacity to grow vegetables, at-risk medicinal plants, and other important medicinal plants.

The frame has been erected on a concrete slab that is left over from the days when a small-scale dairy farm was run here. The frame is made of wood sourced from BLD farm. Half of the roof is made of metal roofing that was left over from a house job. Plastic roofing for the south side will increase warmth in the winter for more delicate plants and create a place for us to escape the winter blues.

The straw bale green house will replace the hoop house that is made with plastic and stock panels.

We will build the walls from straw bales and cobb made from the clay that we saved when we dug the drainage ditch (note the clay piled to the right of the frame). The drainage ditch will flow out to the bottom of the primary medicinal garden where water loving plants like Gravel Root can grow. Soon we will build the walls and will announce a work-party/workshop for those who are interested in participating in a cobb/straw bale project. As we raise funds we will purchase a hoop house to extend off one side to replace the make-shift hoop house that is there now.

If you have the means to make a small donation, it will make a big difference! Click on the donate button in the right column.

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