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7 Lake Erie Mushrooms


I’ve been walking in the woods and coming across several common mushrooms. It’s not a gathering time of year, but it’s nice to know where they are if I ever need them. Several medicinal and edible mushrooms are common in NE Ohio and NW Pennsylvania. Some more common than others. Chaga, once common in my area is now on United Plant Savers at-risk list. Partly, because it isn’t easy to grow like oyster or turkey tail mushrooms.

I am offering a short class on seven common mushrooms. It will focus on 7 mushrooms that are common to the area. I have been using these mushrooms for many years as food and medicine. Learn the basic identification skills, ethics of gathering, medicinal uses, energetics, and methods of making teas, broths, and tinctures. Mushrooms include turkey tails, chanterelles, varnished conk (aka reishi), chicken of the woods, artist’s conk, hen of the woods, and boletes. For those who will never pick wild mushrooms, I will offer tips on purchasing growing kits or mushroom powders and other preparations.

Mushrooms offer many nourishing and healing qualities. They are known to make vitamin D even after they’ve been picked. They are high in trace minerals and polysaccharides. Learn more about what they do, how they might work, and what to do with them.

7 Lake Erie Mushrooms

January 27, 2-6 PM

Center for Growth
2049 West Prospect Rd (Rt 20)
Ashtabula, Ohio 44004

Sliding-scale donation $20-40*


How to register:

Sign up is requested by Jan. 20 using our contact page with the word “mushrooms” in the comment block:

*When a donation range is offered, it is called a sliding-scale donation, meaning pay what you can afford in the range. If you can pay more, it means you are paying it forward. Payment options will be sent to you when you sign up.


100_1923This class is taught by herbalist and forager Leah Wolfe. Leah has been studying herbs and philosophies around healing for 25 years and teaching for more than 10 years. She completed a masters degree in public health in 2009. She has been teaching in NE Ohio at the Trillium Center, an educational project she co-founded) since 2013.



Learning Wild Plants One Month at a Time

These are some of my favorite pictures from the four years that I have been teaching the community herbal intensives. I have been so happy to work with all these lovely people as they expand their herbal knowledge. They all brought insight and experience to classes that helped all of us learn more about integrating herbs into daily living.

Join the Community Herbal Intensive 2018!

Here are some of the herbal and foraging skills you will develop by attending this monthly series:

  • Basic botany and plant identification
  • From field to apothecary: wild crafting, foraging, and garbling
  • Medicine making: oils, salves, tinctures, cordials, and more
  • Materia medica: the study of herbal actions
  • Constitution and Energetics: how to match the herbal actions in plants to people
  • Basic anatomy and physiology
  • Creating herbal projects
  • Basic herb safety

Learn more at:

Or click here to request an application:

Early Bird Discount is offered until February 1!

St. John’s Wort Immersion

In the depths of winter, a special workshop and initiation will be held to celebrate the plant…

St. John’s wort.


January 12-13, 2018
Ashtabula, Ohio


St. John’s wort is known for its ability to “let in the light” and as a healer of wounds. Come learn of the vast physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing qualities of this common weed.

During this immersion and initiation you will learn about this plant through your senses. You will taste and smell tea, tincture, flower essence, and more. You will feel oil on your skin. We will start with the herbal actions that St. John’s wort has on the body. Then, explore the emotional and mental healing St. John’s wort offers to the mind. Finally, to experience the spiritual aspects of the plant, we will work with visualizations and the dreaming aspects of plant medicines.

Together, we will make an elixir of St. John’s wort and will talk about how to identify it in the field. We will cover the chemistry, history, herbal actions, energetics, folklore, and traditional uses of this herb that is popular today as an antidepressant herb. Come learn how St. John’s wort is much, much more…  and why using it incorrectly may bring you the thing you are trying to avoid.

We will begin in the evening on Jan 12 so we can experience setting of the sun and the morning sun shining on Lake Erie while delving into the healing of St. John’s wort during the darkest days of winter. We will end on the evening of Jan 13 after spending 24 hours learning and sensing and experiencing the vitality of this illuminating herb. The class will be held at a lake side home in the historic harbor district of Ashtabula, Ohio.
SJW tincture
Homeopathic doses and flower essences will be offered for participants concerned about drug interactions.


The cost of the program is $85-100 per person depending on whether you’d like a bed or would like to take a couch. Fees cover lodging, class materials and supplies, and instructor costs.

Herbs & Ticks


Oh, tick season.

I mean, uh oh, tick season.

teasel 2.JPG
Dipsacus fullonum

February 24, 2-6 PM
Center for Growth, Ashtabula, Ohio

Ticks have struck fear into many, making them wary of wandering in the woods or the fields. Understanding ticks helps you avoid them and take some of the fear out of the wilderness. This presentation includes historical information, a public health perspective, and herbal approaches to ticks and tick-borne illnesses. Learn public health and first aid tips to help you prevent infection and inflammation from tick bites.

Echinacea purpurea

Topics covered include:

Is that a Tick?
Types of Tick-Borne Infections
Signs and Symptoms
When to Seek Medical Care
Understanding Ticks
What to Wear
How to Check
First Aid and Home Care for Tick Bites
What NOT to Do
How to Remove
Acute Inflammatio
Chronic Inflammation

Leah Wolfe learned about ticks while living at an infested farm in Wisconsin. She is trained as a wilderness first responder, street medic, public health educator, and herbalist.

Sliding-scale donaton: $40-60.

Register at:

Winter Farmers Market

Applications for vendors are available now! Read on to learn more…

The CHEWS program will be hosting a Winter Farmer’s Market the first and third Sundays of the month November and through March. CHEWS is a collaborative project between the Conneaut Human Resources Center (CHRC) and the Trillium Center. CHEWS stands for Choosing Healthy Eating for Wellness and Strength. The winter farmers market will be open […]

via CHEWS Community Garden to host Winter Farmer’s Market — CHEWS community garden

Mushrooms, Emotions, & Aquaponics

Here are some upcoming events via the Trillium Center!


Wild Mushrooms of our Forests, Farms & Urban Lots

October 4, 6-9 PM
Trillium Center, Conneaut, Ohio

Learn what fungi exist commonly within communities. Gathering mushrooms increases our awareness of the ecology of our environment and helps us reconnect to our ancestral selves. It doesn’t take much to walk out the door and find edibles, medicinals and even poisonous life forms. Journey into the field of knowledge we all once knew. Tap into the diverse and vast world of fungi that live within the region. Exploring the ethics of gathering and what sensitive life exists in our forests. Learn basic skills to proper identification and how mushrooms and fungi live within our forests. Click here to read more about the class including the skills you will learn and to register. Sliding-scale fee $45-75

Goldenrod was the herb for emotional healing last month.

Herbs for Emotional & Spiritual Healing

Oct 12, 6-8 PM
Center for Growth, Ashtabula, Ohio

Herbs are amazing in that they can help people on all levels, not just the physical. Yes, they help balance and nourish the body, but they are limitless when it comes to emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

In this short but intensive class, herbalist Leah Wolfe, will guide you on a journey of developing relationships with plants so that you can work with them to heal emotional and spiritual wounds. For example, the plant above is Yarrow, also known as the Healer’s Healer, healer of all wounds, whether physical or emotional. It is used for spiritual and emotional protection.

One person who attended said that he learned about Dandelion in such a profound way, the power of Dandelion will always be with him; that he brought something very good into his spirit, mind and body. Others have found that working with herbs this way helped them identify food allergies and other sensitivities, while teaching them how to find the herbs that are best for them.  This is an opportunity to explore the natural world in a hands-on environment where you will learn things that you will never forget.

Join this class to learn more. This class will be offered monthly so you can meet a new plant each month. Contact us if you’d like to join us!

You can read the results of the last class, which featured Goldenrod, here:

Sliding-scale donation: $5-20  This group is open to the public!
Sliding-scale donation means that you pay what you can afford in the suggested range. If you can afford it, pay it forward!


aquaponicsSign up at:


Community Herbal Intensive 2017

Community Herbal Intensive 2018

Monthly TBD, 10-5, Mar-Nov
The Community Herbal Intensive is an educational program for herbalists and other plant lovers who want to make a connection between herbal medicine and community health. The monthly workshops will take participants out into the field to work with plants or into the streets to develop community projects. This program is for anyone interested in furthering their studies of herbal medicine in a hands-on environment while developing skills for creating community projects. The goal of the program is to give participants skills, ideas, and strategies to start community projects that emphasize holistic health, folk medicine, education, gardening, and foraging. Payment plans available in advance…

More info: