Spring Events

Although we still have cold temperatures ahead, it’s clear that spring is upon us. I have seen turkey vultures, geese, bald eagles, and robins. I have seen the tips of crocuses poking through the snow. The maple sap is running slowly but surely. What signs of spring have you seen? Please join us as we […]

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Greenhouse rising

    Finally finally finally. After what seems like years of seeing this thing in my head as a ghostly vision of the future, the greenhouse has it’s form. I’ve been drawing pictures on paper and on Sketchup, talking about it and planning. I was just getting ready to put things in motion at the […]

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Building a Straw Bale Green House

In late 2011, Charles and I began the construction of a timber-framed straw bale green house that will have a hoop house attached. Mostly I helped dig the drainage ditch for the foundation, which will drain into a bioswale. The green house will increase our capacity to grow vegetables,¬†at-risk¬†medicinal plants, and other important medicinal plants. […]

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