On being grateful

North America is again in the grips Old Man Winter. For the most part, this simply means that it’s cold outside and that the Northern Hemisphere is tilted away from Sol on it’s endless journey around and around. A time of ice and snow. A time of hearth and home. Time to reflect on all […]

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Chasing off the Snow Giants

Tuesday night saw what I think of as the first day of a New Tradition. It’s really only new to me, not at all new to the history of humanity or to those currently living. 5 of us met out back to honor Mother’s Night and burn a Yule log in order to light the […]

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What is seen

Today was the Farm Tour. 9 or 10 people showed up. With that many people standing around engaging is conversation, it’s tricky to just keep track of who asked what and did I actually just say that out loud and where are we going next. So I lost count. Everyone seemed to have a good […]

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This matters?

Summer is a time that is infective in it’s presence. That deliriously exhilarating stench of pervasive fetid fecundity rocks me to me heels. Time stands on still. Some breath of a breeze carries the miasma of life . My lungs fill. My nose absorbs the cloud of bits and pieces of everything alive and breathing. […]

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Sorry, that is an almost baseless accusation. I don’t know for sure that it was a raccoon that was trying to dig its way under/in to the barn doors. This has proved to be an exercise in futility in any case. But I do know that if the doors weren’t as well built and/or closed […]


Way past Cherry Red

sitting here contemplating the energy suck of my first glaze firing in my new (to me) Duncan Pro. 28×36″ of pure entropy earth. Luckily I’m only taking my glazes to cone 05 (1000 c/1900 F). Otherwise the little wheel in the electric meter would be whirling around so fast that the thing will likely go […]

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What have they seen?

Got the details of what is going on in the woods behind the house yesterday. We’ve heard the angry buzzing of chainsaws and the shattering crash of trees falling, followed by the whine of the giant sawmill. I can only imagine the mountain of sawdust they are building (first of many). The lunar landscape that […]

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Why pots?

A little over a year and a half ago a met Arnulf Esterer,Winemaker, at a meeting of young farmers from in and around Conneaut. A better way to put that would be, a bunch of elder farmers wanted to meet up with a bunch of younger farmers who were trying to figure out how to […]

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