Herb of the Saints

My first lesson in ethnobotany was in 6th grade. Mr. Robbins took the entire class on a field trip into the hills across the street from the school. We scurried across the highway chaperoned by Mr. Robbins and his assistant. I’m sure he talked about the ecology of the region. It’s frequently visited by geologists […]

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That shining object in the night sky has been the subject of poetry. Some good, some bad. Some inspirational, some laughable. I once played a fortune-telling tightrope walker in an experimental play. Experimental in that none of the actors were actually actors. We were a hodge-podge of artistic folks. Painters, writers, sculptors. With a few […]



Try this: Imagine that you’ve come to my house and I am making you tea. It’s a warming tea with a bit of honey. But it won’t be complete without the lemon. I take a lemon and slice it into wedges. I take a wedge and squeeze it over my cup. But to make my point, […]


Liquid Courage

“There are many ancient superstitions regarding this herb. Its name Hypericum is derived from the Greek and means ‘over an apparition,’ a reference to the belief that the herb was so obnoxious to evil spirits that a whiff of it would cause them to fly.” ~ Maude Grieve, A Modern Herbal, 1931 Tracy’s not the only person […]

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There’s always something

I came home on Friday with hope in my heart and a smile on my face, eagerly expecting to see the slabs getting poured. instead I found this. Apparently when the 2nd driver of the day showed up, no one was out at the road waiting to guide him back to where the pour was […]

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Defining Medicine

Some tidbits from our newsletter and upcoming events below! The word “medicine” as we know it today is derived from older words such as the middle English word “medicin,” the old French word “medecine,” and the Latin word “medicina.” These words meant “healing art,” “a remedy,” and “a physician’s shop.” Up until the last few hundred […]

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Making Room for Grief

I started writing a song or prayer many years ago. It’s very short, only 4 lines, and sometimes one of those lines changes. But it carries the depth of poetry because the meaning of it depends on what is going on at any given moment. In this version of it, I honor the life and […]

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Elsie comes to stay

So this happened. After nearly a year and a half, my search for a dog has come to an end. I’ve poured over every Aussie rescue, adoption agency and Craigslist post within 200 miles looking for a new companion. Too many times I’ve sent in applications for adoptions, only to be told that I either […]

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