Building for Ice Giants

With the turn of yet another season, fall has arrived and winter has reared its frigid head (at least for those in the Northern Rockies). The temperature here along the southern shores of Lake Erie are still in the upper and middle 70s, but the trees have noticed the shortening of the day and the […]

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Three steps forward

The barn is finally finally nearing completion. It’s been a long haul to get here and I’ve had a ton of help for which I’m grateful. Funny thing, I was talking to my friend Skip last year and showed him the drawings of what the barn would look like and he asked me, “why does […]

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A Story of Hawthorn

“There are only two things: energy and its direction. One needs both energy and a direction, the direction is the dream you have, and you have plenty of energy – knowing you. So “Never Give Up!” for me is to continue to attempt to build the dream, the love life, the Path with Heart. I […]

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Mirror, Mirror…

…on the wall,Which herbal ally shall I call? I’m hosting a class this Saturday on how to self-assess according to constitutional indicators, energetic patterns and imbalances, and environmental and social factors. “What does all that mean?” Well, I’ve learned that many folks have experiences that lead them to believe that herbs don’t really work that […]

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Green Blood

The breath of life rises green from the earth. I imagine ancestors rising at dawn to witness the sun marking their ancient calendars. Giving them hope for the seasonal dawning of new life. Giving them hope for food, medicine, the materials for shelter, and the melting of snow and ice. Watching the nascent buds and […]

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Sweet Blood

Through Love all that is bitter will be sweet, through Love all that is copper will be gold, through Love all dregs will become wine, through Love all pain will turn to medicine. Rumi I’ve spent many hours breathing the steam of boiling maple sap in the last month. Making syrup isn’t just about boiling […]

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Midden Making

I’ve learned more about my ancestors, who they might have been and their traditional practices, the seasonal and local foods they probably ate, the wild medicines they likely used. Once upon a time some of my ancestors would have been preparing for the Quarter Days during this part of the year. These were days that […]

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