heat for the kids

it’s been a busy time for me here at the farm. it’s warm outside and the maple sap has been flowing since January. (Nearly 2 gallons of syrup from then)  it’s been rough a time or 2 but this winter has been softer than last to be sure. it was actually -6 F the other […]

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city’s old hand pumper

Now I know that this is totally off topic for the Trillium Center, BUT, as a bit of a Luddite I’m not exactly sure how else to do this. Recently I went to a Historical Society meeting here in town and volunteered to help sort thru some of the boxes of stuff sitting in back. […]

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The Art of Making Tinctures

Some of the frequent questions I hear from students and friends is “why doesn’t my tincture look/taste like yours?” I  have spent many years making wonderfully potent tinctures and making horribly disappointing mistakes. So here are my lessons learned. But first… A note on menstruum, marc, and other words used to describe tincture making. The […]

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