Accidents Happen

My new (to me) inexpensive electric kiln was unable to get to temperature for the second time, in spite of having taken the electrical system completely apart, replacing a cooked switch and putting it back together. Which is just as well. The coils were spent. I didn’t buy the kiln (and a spare) for their […]

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Sorry, that is an almost baseless accusation. I don’t know for sure that it was a raccoon that was trying to dig its way under/in to the barn doors. This has proved to be an exercise in futility in any case. But I do know that if the doors weren’t as well built and/or closed […]



Today was the first day of the 40th year of the Conneaut Farmer’s Market. So said Jim. Today was also the exactly 2nd time I’ve set out my wares for sale. The first time was back in the early early 90’s at the Apple Butter Festival. Didn’t sell a single thing at that sale. Today […]

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On comes the long hot summer

things are still happening at the farm. Chickens are still squirting out eggs, the goat has pumped out gallons and gallons of milk. we are still exploring what to do with our abundance. Turmeric and garlic scape goat cheese is quite lovely. there is a tremendous peace in the daily rituals. I’m fortunate to be […]

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Way past Cherry Red

sitting here contemplating the energy suck of my first glaze firing in my new (to me) Duncan Pro. 28×36″ of pure entropy earth. Luckily I’m only taking my glazes to cone 05 (1000 c/1900 F). Otherwise the little wheel in the electric meter would be whirling around so fast that the thing will likely go […]

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What have they seen?

Got the details of what is going on in the woods behind the house yesterday. We’ve heard the angry buzzing of chainsaws and the shattering crash of trees falling, followed by the whine of the giant sawmill. I can only imagine the mountain of sawdust they are building (first of many). The lunar landscape that […]

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point and laugh

Drove home from Hogle’s pond with the first load bundled on the roof of my car. What a hoot. When I got to the stop sign at the bottom of the hill I heard a strange keening warble coming from outside the car. Upon scanning my immediate environment, I discovered 3 young children in the […]

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Seedhouse shed

Just because I’m not writing things, doesn’t mean things have stopped around the farm. Things never stop around here, even though I might occasionally want that. Once Viann turned 2 weeks old, I started separating her from Ann overnight allowing Ann’s milk to accumulate for our consumption. Pretty much why she is here after all. […]

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What defines a Farmer?

  farm·er ˈfärmər/ noun  a person who owns or manages a farm. synonyms: agriculturist, agronomist, rancher, smallholder, peasant; More historical a person to whom the collection of taxes was contracted for a fee. farm färm/ noun an area of land and its buildings used for growing crops and rearing animals, typically under the control of one owner or manager. synonyms: […]

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