seeds for nourishment 

a healing retreat at the rio mesa center, moab, utah

april 16-18, 2019

in the spring of 2019, gather under the seed moon to explore the culinary and herbal arts of nourishment. the full seed moon is a time for planting seeds and new beginnings; the time of birthing of new traditions that nourish the spirit, mind, and body.  

true nourishment and herbal healing are rooted in place. the more we understand the place we live, the plants and animals that live with us, and the seasonal changes, the deeper our understanding of health and healing.

explorations of place-based herbalism and nourishment include:

  • plant walks
  • hands-on food & herb processing including:
    • energetic blending of herbs
    • acorn processing
    • nixtamalization of corn to make nutrients accessible
    • making nourishing broths
  • how to deal with food intolerance and inflammation
  • herbal safety
  • seasonal gathering & meal planning
  • medicine making
  • understanding how to use herbs through sight, touch, taste & aromatics
  • translating this experience into a home practice
  • seed/plant swap

Cost: $225 per person includes 2 nights camping, 7 meals

Planning info from the Rio Mesa Center: