Current Offerings

Although the Trillium Center usually offers hands-on education and farm tours, we are currently focusing on online education and local community classes at the Conneaut Arts Center. We are working toward a community that values local food, local herbal medicine, and the preservation of at-risk species and traditional ways of living.

herbs online

This is the youngest part of the Trillium Center. Most of our activities focus on hands-on classes. The online classes are designed to help you get more comfortable with the basic ideas of traditional western herbalism. For us, traditional means drawing influence from our European and North American ancestors while focusing on the abundant wild and easy-to-grow plants within our region. Click on the title for details.

The first class, Elemental Herb Craft covers the use of the elements, cardinal and spiritual directions, herbal energetics, and has recipes and activities to try at home.

We have an online program about putting together a Situational Health & Safety Kit, which is a nice preview of how the Bioregional Herbal First Aid will be organized.

The third class is “Herbal Resilience in Uncertain Times.”

We expect this part of the Trillium Center to grow, so if you have a request for an online class, webinar, or discussion, please get in touch.

Rustbelt Roots

Resilience is a key aspect of solid communities. The Trillium Center is exploring ideas around resilience and building resources for local food, disaster preparedness, and those who are falling through the cracks.

We are reaching in many directions to see how people in the Rustbelt are building resilience.

  1. Join the conversation in our facebook group
  2. Request online conversations about resilience
  3. Check out the growing list of education, tools, and ideas at

private classes & Consultations

Request a private class or consultation.

1. you want to learn about which herbs are safe to use with your medications

2. you want to learn which herbs are good for your family including children or elders

3. you want someone to walk your land and tell you more about the plants that grow around you or help you plan a garden

4. you need classes to work around your schedule

5. you want to develop a nourishing herbal plan that uses traditional and holistic assessment techniques to help you match herbs to your body type, activity levels, environment, and so on…

6. You simply want an herbal consultation. No frills.

Of course there are other reasons you might want a private class, tell us about it!

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