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The shop is up and items are being added regularly! Please contact us for a full herb list or if you would like a personalized herbal product. 

Personalized Herbalism

I offer personalized products but sometimes it helps to have an assessment before requesting a personalized product. Contact us to make an appointment to learn about your constitutional and energetic imbalances and how to use herbs to support them. Or watch for classes on assessment! 

Herbal Classes

We offer a range of classes, some are for beginners, some are for more advanced herbalist. Some are short, some are long. Some are for individuals looking for ways to connect with nature or to simply feel better in spirit, mind, or body. Some are for people who want to support their families or their communities. Check our Classes page to see what we are currently offering.

Mastering Herbalism

Herbs are often used in the same way that drugs are used, but this method can lead to imbalances and unintended consequences. The traditional use of herbs is based on constitution, energetics, and a deep  connection to place. Learning to use the herbs that grow around me has been empowering and liberating. It has been a journey into my ancestral roots.

I have found that most folks don’t use herbs correctly because they either rely on information that doesn’t include traditional use, they use herbs like drugs as long-term treatments for symptoms, they use imbalanced herbal formulas, and other mistakes that lead to safety issues, such as mixing drugs and herbs without doing any research. On top of that, the internet is full of misleading and inaccurate information.

Becoming a master herbalist is a life-long pursuit and involves education, clinical work, time in nature with the plants, and more. Curious about mastering herbalism? Read more here: Becoming a Master Herbalist

Weekend in the Woods: Herbal Field Intensive 2016