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Upcoming Events

Today I am making a poultice for rashes, poison ivy, and other itchy things like bug bites. It is for tonight’s class at the Goodell Gardens in Edinboro PA, called 5 Plant Allies for Herbal First Aid. Visit our calendar page for details and more classes coming in the next few months. Classes include Wild Crafting Wednesdays, Wilderness First Aid, Herbal First Aid, The Apothecarist’s Intensive, the Community Herbal Intensive and more.


Gathering Garlic

It’s garlic time.

The stalks have mostly died back. I planted Romanian red, German red, and Music garlic.

Enough to keep vampires at bay, I’m sure. So now what?

Hang it up to dry in the garden shed. Wait until November to plant the biggest cloves for next year… and then peruse the – now controversial –  recipes for fire cider. Or try and find James Dukes recipe for garlic oxymel… make some pesto. Garlic is a hot and dry herb that is wonderful for clearing damp congestion. For people who want to enjoy the medicinal benefits of fresh garlic but seem to have a bad reaction (headache, nausea, herxeimer reaction) cooling yogurt can bring things back into balance.

So then I start thinking that it is time to open two garden internships for people who want to come help and learn about things like this. If you are interested in a hands-on work exchange to learn about gardening and foraging but don’t mind working on your own some, write to to set up an interview.

The Maple Leaves are Changing – Time for the September Calendar

Our calendar is available at:

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This is a close-up of a panel in the Herb Quilt. The Herb Quilt will be raffled off at the Herb Quilt at the Trillium Center's Tea Party, on October 16. Go to this website for more info:
This is a close-up of a panel in the Herb Quilt. The Herb Quilt will be raffled off at the Herb Quilt at the Trillium Center’s Tea Party, on October 16. Go to this website for more info: – anyone know what this flower is?

Medicinal Plant Walk
September 6 – 4-6 PM
Ever wonder what that weed is growing in your back yard, or that flower that blooms deep in the woods in the spring? Learn to identify plants and trees at the monthly plant walk led by herbalist and community health educator, Leah Wolfe, MPH. She will point out wild edible plants, plants that have a history of being used medicinally, along with folklore and some of the latest science on the wild things growing around us. Cost $10. Dress for outdoors.

Wild Wine: Making Elderberry Wine at Home
September 13, 2-5 PM
Steph Thauer will teach the basics of wine making with herbs. She was the keynote speaker at Buffalo’s Annual Beerology event and an instructor at Let’s Do Wine. Join us as we make a wine out of elderberries. $20 fee covers supplies and samples to take home.

Experimental Building Technologies: Celebrate the Completion of the Seed House!
September 20-21, 1­6 PM
Get your hands dirty in this workshop/workparty to finish the Seed House, our greenhouse and strawbale sunroom. We’ll be putting on the final layers of clay and plaster on our walls, warming bench, and rocket stove. Join us to learn about how we used old tires and other salvaged materials in our construction and stay for a potluck afterwards! You can come early and camp if you’d like.