Baby Goat Woes

Came out to the barn this morning to find Viann, peacefully asleep, all squashed up against the gate to the milking room. The above picture is of her asleep yesterday. She looks dead. I had to check. Why does any of this matter? Well, we had a really bad night here last night. There was […]

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BABY GOAT and dirt lasagna

I’ll just start it off with a picture of our new girl. It’s been a busy day for me. I tend to get up before the sun now. I really can’t tell why. Even when I’m not asleep by 10:00 pm, I’m up early. Today was no different. What is different about today is that […]

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What a day.

  Of late, there have been a few more visitors coming with the intention to help me move things along. John came by today and spent a good handful of hours helping me get the barn’s new rocket stove to a place where it could rest while I finish the rest of the floor. What […]

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heat for the kids

it’s been a busy time for me here at the farm. it’s warm outside and the maple sap has been flowing since January. (Nearly 2 gallons of syrup from then)  it’s been rough a time or 2 but this winter has been softer than last to be sure. it was actually -6 F the other […]

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Goat Shed

earlier this year i put up the beginnings of the once and future goat herd management system. as yet i’m only about 30% sure of how i’m going to manage these folks over behind the shop building. regardless I built them a little shed so that they had someplace to go and get out of […]

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Chickens get a new home

I’ve been putting off writing this. It’s a bit late compared to when some of it happened. Sorry about that. Where I left off was with a new floor and the chickens living in the barn loft. Not where I wanted them to be but that is where they were. Pooping thru the floor onto […]

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Chickens don’t care

Chickens don’t care Finally finished pouring the floor in the barn yesterday and I can say it was no small task, especially for such a small structure. After my father and I broke up the preexisting slab, I took an afternoon and pulled out a bunch of the dirt from where the chickens used to […]

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Chicken watchers

By now it’s pretty obvious that I feel about my chickens the way many people do about their children. They inspire me. They intrigue me. They fascinate me (and everyone else who comes by the place) Sometimes a little too much. Can you say CAUGHT YOU?  

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Chickens…the saga continues

So the saga continues. I should start by coming clean about something. I’m addicted to chickens. I just love them. To the point of having them tattooed onto my chest. Hurt like mad too. Anyway, I can’t remember what I said yesterday let along what I wrote in the first story so on we go. […]

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