Seedhouse shed

Just because I’m not writing things, doesn’t mean things have stopped around the farm. Things never stop around here, even though I might occasionally want that. Once Viann turned 2 weeks old, I started separating her from Ann overnight allowing Ann’s milk to accumulate for our consumption. Pretty much why she is here after all. […]

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I’m not shaving a horse

Trying out this slideshow thing. Quite a day. I’ve been thinking and looking at shaving horses since the comment in my last post brought it up. Wether it helps or not remains to be seen. I made it from Locust I just cut. First was splitting the seat. Haven’t done that in 25 years. Getting […]

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And now for something

Leah snuck up behind me and took this picture yesterday. Why am I still wearing ear muffs? Is the sound of the draw knife too much? I did all that you see laying there just before this pic was taken. What you see is the parts to the frame that will be a small shed […]

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Baby Goat Woes

Came out to the barn this morning to find Viann, peacefully asleep, all squashed up against the gate to the milking room. The above picture is of her asleep yesterday. She looks dead. I had to check. Why does any of this matter? Well, we had a really bad night here last night. There was […]

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BABY GOAT and dirt lasagna

I’ll just start it off with a picture of our new girl. It’s been a busy day for me. I tend to get up before the sun now. I really can’t tell why. Even when I’m not asleep by 10:00 pm, I’m up early. Today was no different. What is different about today is that […]

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Just throwing this one out there really quick. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE ,TURN YOUR BACK ON BOILING SYRUP. especially at night, cooking with small sticks and a friend in from out of town. I lost a lot of syrup last night when this happened. Not all of it. The pot contained everything I’ve cooked […]

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Plugging away

  The work goes in the barn.  I’ve been making Floor Lasagna. Instead of a pan, I’ve dug down to the native soil under the addition. On this I’ve laid a layer of heavy black plastic. Then in successive layers, either tamped clay soil or cement, all Tetrised together.  It’s hard work regardless. Each bit […]

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Filling the Floor, et al.

Step one of course was to get this rocket to fire fight. A most heart felt Thank You to Glenn Herbert who chimed in with his $0.02 and saved my butt in a big way. for our discussion. My plan was to make sure this thing will fire off without MAJOR reconstruction. I don’t […]

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Oh, What have I done?

Got a little set back on my heels last night on’s rocket stove forum. It wasn’t a case of trolling or keyboard rage or anything like that. Simply my realizing that the words I was reading were in fact true and in fact, truer than my own thoughts to that point. I designed this […]

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What a day.

  Of late, there have been a few more visitors coming with the intention to help me move things along. John came by today and spent a good handful of hours helping me get the barn’s new rocket stove to a place where it could rest while I finish the rest of the floor. What […]

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