Plugging away

  The work goes in the barn.  I’ve been making Floor Lasagna. Instead of a pan, I’ve dug down to the native soil under the addition. On this I’ve laid a layer of heavy black plastic. Then in successive layers, either tamped clay soil or cement, all Tetrised together.  It’s hard work regardless. Each bit […]

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Filling the Floor, et al.

Step one of course was to get this rocket to fire fight. A most heart felt Thank You to Glenn Herbert who chimed in with his $0.02 and saved my butt in a big way. for our discussion. My plan was to make sure this thing will fire off without MAJOR reconstruction. I don’t […]

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Oh, What have I done?

Got a little set back on my heels last night on’s rocket stove forum. It wasn’t a case of trolling or keyboard rage or anything like that. Simply my realizing that the words I was reading were in fact true and in fact, truer than my own thoughts to that point. I designed this […]

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What a day.

  Of late, there have been a few more visitors coming with the intention to help me move things along. John came by today and spent a good handful of hours helping me get the barn’s new rocket stove to a place where it could rest while I finish the rest of the floor. What […]

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heat for the kids

it’s been a busy time for me here at the farm. it’s warm outside and the maple sap has been flowing since January. (Nearly 2 gallons of syrup from then)  it’s been rough a time or 2 but this winter has been softer than last to be sure. it was actually -6 F the other […]

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Goat Shed

earlier this year i put up the beginnings of the once and future goat herd management system. as yet i’m only about 30% sure of how i’m going to manage these folks over behind the shop building. regardless I built them a little shed so that they had someplace to go and get out of […]

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The Seed House

  After 4 long years, the end is in sight. It’s been a long road and a long time coming since we (I) decided that there needed to be a little building with a greenhouse attached to it up on the top of the hill, maybe around that weird old cracked slab that is there. Just […]

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Spring Events

Although we still have cold temperatures ahead, it’s clear that spring is upon us. I have seen turkey vultures, geese, bald eagles, and robins. I have seen the tips of crocuses poking through the snow. The maple sap is running slowly but surely. What signs of spring have you seen? Please join us as we […]

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the bench is born

still grinding away at things here. this week we have a house guest who is more than a little willing to get his hands (and feet) dirty for the cause. with his help, we have gotten the base layer of the Rocket Stove with Thermal Mass Bench started. it’s coming along well we’ve mixed up […]

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