Herbal Consultations

The Trillium Center offers individual sessions for all kinds of things… for instance, some of the individuals who come here are looking for personalized herbalism. They want to learn about herbs that support their constitution and energetics. They are looking to lose weight, have more energy, feel stronger in spirit, mind, and body. They want to learn how to use herbs safely and understand whether the herbs for them can be used with their medications. They want a place where they can order herbs from reputable sources.


Other people who come here for individual work are apprentices. Apprentices are looking to learn about herbalism in general so they can help their families and communities. They want a hands-on approach to learning. They want to get their hands dirty. They want to learn how to make herbal stuff, grow herbs, find herbs, identify wild medicinal and edible plants, and more.


And there are a few who just want to talk. They want to talk about herbalism, religion, spirituality, and how that all intersects with nature and the divine.

Whether you are one of these, or have another goal with individual sessions, you are welcome to contact me to learn more about what your sessions can look like. Cost of the sessions is determined by income and needs. Online sessions are available, too.


Leah Wolfe, MPH is a community herbalist and health educator with a background in health research and administration. She completed a masters degree in public health at the School  of Community Health at Portland State University. She has studied with many herbalists, healers, and health providers in order to understand true well being and health. She offers classes to individuals and groups by request as well as offering regular classes through the Trillium Center, see the calendar for more info. Contact her here for info.