Becoming a Master Herbalist

BloodrootHockingHillsCrisFellowsBecoming a master herbalist is a lifelong process, it is not something that can be accomplished in a year. I am 20+ years into this journey and the more I learn, the more I understand what I don’t know. Herbalism is wildly diverse and dynamic. It is both safe and dangerous. I find that many herbalists often don’t have a framework for how they choose herbs and are using herbs by matching the herbs to diseases or symptoms. The problem with this is that it mimics the contemporary medical system, therefore putting that herbalist at risk of practicing medicine without a license, and increasing the likelihood of harming the client. This page will probably change a lot in the next several years as I understand more of what it means to approach the feeling of mastering herbalism. In the meantime, consider these words of wisdom from two wise people that I know who work with herbs.

Paul Bergner, How to Become a Master Herbalist in Thirty Years or More

Susun Weed, No to Licensing of Herbalists