Trillium Center Education

Talking about plants at Erie Bluffs State Park.

Trillium Center Education

The Trillium Center offers educational programs at BLD farm and in the region. Explore these links to learn more about what we do.

What is herbalism?

What does it mean to become a Master Herbalist?

Learn  about how herbal consultations help people find deep nourishment and natural healing through plants as whole food and whole medicine:

Read about our food and herb education programs:

In rural areas, it sometimes makes sense to bring the teacher to you. Here is our project to make food and herb education accessible in the region.

Join the CHI, a 9-month program that meets monthly to teach people about herbs and wild foods that grow in NE Ohio and NW Pennsylvania.

Volunteer on plant or building projects for hands-on learning:

hands in cob
Cobb used to build the walls in the Seed House.