After a nearly 25 year break, Charles started making pottery again in the summer of 2016. For now, the clay being used is a commercially available Tera Cotta clay purchased from Columbus Clay Co in Columbus OH. Research is being conducted to secure a local source of “free range” clay. Not clay that walks around or anything, but clay that was laid down by the glaciers that once covered Northern Ohio 14,000+ years ago.

The pottery is generally highly functional and simple in it’s design. There is an actual effort to keep pretense out of the work. Actually, Charles’ mantra on the subject is “Form Follows Function” with the subtext of ‘all else is crap’. If you are interested in what has been going on in his pursuit of ceramic excellence, look for either CLAY or POTTERY on the lower left (scroll down down down down) side of the page in CATEGORIES.

Coming soon, his work will be available on Easy.com.

If you would like to obtain some of his work directly, you can contact him by email. His e-adress is Charles@trilliumcenter.org