Experimental Building

The Seed House, our classroom/seed drying space/hoop house made from salvaged materials, local clay, and cattails. 

Experimental Building

Charles will be expanding this section so you have a better idea of what he is doing… to get started though, here are a couple of building projects.

The Seed House
In late 2011, we began the construction of a timber-framed straw bale green house that will have a hoop house attached. The green house has increased our capacity to grow food and medicinal plants.  More read more here.

The Barn Addition
The barn addition is a current building project to expand the capacity of the chicken coop to meet local demand for eggs. The addition is built out of grass, sticks, and mud and includes a rocket mass heater. If you want to volunteer on building projects, contact us to find out what kinds of things we are working on now!

Chicken coop long view