This is a photo of a pink trillium, a flower with three petals.

10 years ago I started the Trillium Center. I can hardly believe that many years have gone by.

I conceived the project at a time when I was unable to walk, hoping that I would heal, and get on with it. Well, I certainly got on with it.

The Trillium Center was named after the wild flower. The trillium is visually stunning reminiscent of the triskelion, the Celtic symbol for the sacred three. They are considered at-risk by United Plant Savers. I’ve seen them in many forested places, different species, across the country.

This particular descendant of the lily family relies on ants for propagation, producing seeds with an oily yellow blob of deliciousness. Ants cannot resist. They horde these delectable pats of butter. Then they leave the seeds buried and ready to germinate into new plants.

This lovely metaphor stands behind the Trillium Center’s mission. Offer little pats of information, and let the ants carry them out to bloom into new things. Many of my students have gone on to create fun projects and new businesses. Occasionally, I receive letters from them, which remind me to carry on despite the obstacles, despite the social milieu, despite it all.

So this is a simple thank you to all of my supporters, donors, students, and friends. I look forward to seeing what comes next.

Here are some of the hands-on, in-person experiences that I have in the works:

Leah Wolfe is kayaking to look for plants on Conneaut Creek.

And then in the virtual world, I’ve created several experiential classes:

  • Northways Herbalism, a in-depth look at herbal traditions in North America
  • Herbal Resilience in Uncertain Times
  • Community and Herbal Approaches to Disaster Situations
  • Elemental Herbalism
  • Health & Safety Kits
  • Plus, 4 free classes!

All of these classes (except Northways) are available on Podia.

Thanks to the Pollination Project for providing seed funds to get some media projects started! The grant I received helped me get the online programs at https://trilliumcenter.podia.com started, plus I was able to provide printed guides to our local food bank. I was able to offer all of my online classes for free during the acute phase of the pandemic from 2020-2022.

The final project that the Pollination Project has seeded is The Art of Resilience: a podcast where I will explore concepts of resilience, determination, grit, and fortitude, while laying out strategies for avoiding and recovering from intense burn-out and plain old exhaustion.

Right now I’m looking for guests to interview! Know someone? Send them my way.

Leah Wolfe is in the podcast studio wearing headphones.

Join me in the podcast studio at Radius Cowork in Erie, PA