Seven Years In

The hands-on class where we dug up barberry root and made a barberry baby!

I taught the Community Herbal Intensive for seven years. Long enough to replace most of the cells in my body. I have learned so much in that time. And now that I’ve had a couple of years to learn more about my local community working at an arts center, I’ve found even more layers to how communities work (and don’t work), how resilience is cultivated, and how to develop my own traditions in herbalism. I’m going in a lot of directions right now, but since I’ve only posted to this site a few times in the last few years, I thought I’d catch you up.

This year, the CHI will be offered online with in-person options in the Cleveland metro area.

Check out the details here:

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Northways Herbalism

The culmination of developing my own traditions in herbalism is called Northways Herbalism. This online course is influenced by herbalists, ancient traditions, and most importantly the regions where I live and regularly travel – from NE Ohio to California. The course draws together many of my ideas and inspirations and is a more advanced study of herbal assessment and clinical applications than what is offered in the Community Herbal Intensive. Soon the course will be available in audio format!

Learn more here:

Northways Studios

And more about this Northways stuff. Northways Studios is a group endeavor to bring creativity, inspiration, and healing to our corner of NE Ohio. We are offering classes and experiences in arts, crafts, herbalism, and many other healing traditions. Learn more about who we are and what we are planning at

The Art of Resilience

Last but not least, I am working on a podcast called The Art of Resilience to explore concepts to heal from trauma and burnout while learning more about how to cultivate resilience. I am looking for people who want to share their stories so get in touch if you have something to share. Seed funds for this podcast were given by The Pollination Project. I’ll post when the first episode is available.

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  1. So inspired by this post.
    There are so many things I miss about NE Ohio.
    You & Trillium are on that list.
    Wishing you love, resilience & endless awe in the new year.

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