Defining Medicine

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The word “medicine” as we know it today is derived from older words such as the middle English word “medicin,” the old French word “medecine,” and the Latin word “medicina.” These words meant “healing art,” “a remedy,” and “a physician’s shop.” Up until the last few hundred years…

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Upcoming Events

7 Lake Erie Mushrooms
Saturday, Aug 25, 21-3 pm – Chardon, Ohio
Learn about common edible, medicinal, and poisonous mushrooms in our region. Learn basic skills for proper identification, the ethics of gathering, and how to use them. Sliding-scale donation $30-$50

Medicinal & Edible Plant & Mushroom Walk
Saturday, Aug 25, 3-4 pm – Chardon, Ohio
Take a walk with herbalist, Leah Wolfe, at Light Footsteps Farm. $5-$20

Herbs for Body-Mind-Spirit
Tues, Aug 28, 7-8 PM – Center for Growth, Ashtabula, Ohio
Herbs are amazing in that they can help people on all levels, not just the physical; they help balance and nourish the body, but are limitless when it comes to emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Meet a new plant each month. Sliding-scale donation: $5-20*

Herbs for the Thinning Veil
October 18, 7-8:30 PM, New Moon, Lakewood, Ohio
From midsummer to midwinter many traditions celebrate their ancestors and their traditions. Some believe that the veil between the human world and the spirit world thins as the darkness of winter descends. Join herbalist Leah Wolfe for a class on herbs for this seasonal transition with teas, incense, and other herbal tricks and treats. Class fee: $30, supplies fee $10.

Autumn Foraging for Wild Food and Medicine
Oct. 20, 1-5 PM, Ford Nature Center, 840 Old Furnace Rd, Youngstown
The forests and fields are alive with wild foods and medicine. Leaves, flowers, berries, roots and more. Autumn is abundant. Join this hands-on class on how to forage for the fall harvest. We’ll take a walk with an eye to foraging, observing plant and habitat characteristics, looking for clues, tasting, and piecing it all together like a detective to identify species. Basic botany for the herbalist will focus on identifying flowers, roots, berries, and leaves. Historical and clinical uses of common plants as food and medicine will be combined with practical information on how to gather, store, and prepare. Class fee: $15, supplies fee $5.


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The Home Herbal
Need to know the nuts and bolts of herbalism? This short series of classes will teach which herbs to use for the people in your home whether they are pregnant mother, child, or elder. You’ll learn 10 indispensable herbs, plus many more, and how to make essential herbal remedies with an eye to herbal safety.

Heal Thyself
Many of my clients and students are looking to herbs for increased energy, weight loss, pain reduction, healthy aging, and natural healing to complement their medical care. This 6-class series will help participants develop a personalized herbal plan to reduce inflammation, identify food and chemical sensitivities, track deficiencies, and create healing routines for daily living.

Four Element Healing
Many traditions look to four elements as a foundation for understanding the world, spirituality, and healing. Learn how to apply geography and climate to create a local understanding of the four elements and how it all relates to herbalism: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Community Herbal Intensive
The Community Herbal Intensive is for anyone interested in learning about wild edible and medicinal plants in a hands-on environment. The program’s goal is to give participants skills, ideas, and strategies to start wellness projects that emphasize holistic health, folk medicine, education, gardening, and foraging. Class fee early bird registration $925 (regular $975) includes book, supplies for medicine making projects, & materials.

Community Resilience Series
Did you know that there is a recipe to communities that are healthy, resilient in the face of challenges, and ready to support each other in a disaster? This 4-part class will share that recipe along with some variations that help align the recipe with different cultural needs. The topics include “Building Community Resilience,” “Community and Herbal Approaches to Disaster Situations,”  “Herbal First Aid,” and “Disaster Herbalism.”

Weekend in the Woods: Herbal Field Intensive 
Spend a weekend camping in the woods learning about amazing plants, mushrooms, and wildlife with hands-on instruction. Learn how to find, identify, and safely gather plants and mushrooms of our region.

Moonflower Retreat
Moab, Utah
Join several herbalists for a retreat in the red desert of Utah. We will be exploring Moonflower Canyon, the memory practices of indigenous peoples, and how to transfer herbal knowledge from place to place throughout North America.