Herbal Sensing

Weekend in the Woods: Herbal Sensing
Herbal Field Intensive

June 29-July 1

Feel it in your gut, feel it in your heart, taste it, smell it.
Herbal Medicine.


The third Herbal Field Intensive will explore the diverse terrain of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The HFI is a 3-day educational retreat in the woods and fields to learn about wild medicinal and edible plants in different parts of Ohio and Pennsylvania. Skills included: identifying plants, foraging ethics, medicine making, and wild food preparation emphasizing what’s in season. Day passes are available if you don’t like to camp (contact us for more info).


This year the theme is herbal sensing, the art of learning about plants through the senses. The scientific word for this is organoleptic, the process of using the senses; usually referring to sight, touch, smell, and taste. In herbal sensing we look to other sources of sensing such as the cat brain and the lizard brain…

… if what I’m saying is suddenly not making sense, then perhaps you really need to take this class.

The HFI will camp at Heritage Farms in Peninsula, OH. You can find the farm’s description on hipcamp.com, search for “Camping Among the Pines.”



Friday 7 PM
Welcome – Potluck Dinner
Herbal Sensing Introduction, Leah Wolfe

Coffee Tea Bar
Morning Plant Walk, Leah Wolfe
Developing Awareness Skills with Plants, Leah Wolfe
Foraging – When, How and Where, Leah Wolfe
Organoleptics – How to Learn Herbal Medicine with your Senses, Leah Wolfe
Evening Discussion
Evening Bonfire

Coffee Tea Bar
Taste and Herbal Energetics, Leah Wolfe
The Spaces-in-Between Plant Walk, Nicki Schneider
Closing at 12 PM

The cost covers camping, firewood, food, supplies, materials, teaching stipends, and instructor’s travel costs. To make this event more accessible, it is offered on a sliding scale between $160-$200.

This class is intended to be small so it will be necessary to reserve your space in advance. Please register at: https://www.artful.ly/store/events/15320

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