7 Lake Erie Mushrooms


I’ve been walking in the woods and coming across several common mushrooms. It’s not a gathering time of year, but it’s nice to know where they are if I ever need them. Several medicinal and edible mushrooms are common in NE Ohio and NW Pennsylvania. Some more common than others. Chaga, once common in my area is now on United Plant Savers at-risk list. Partly, because it isn’t easy to grow like oyster or turkey tail mushrooms.

I am offering a short class on seven common mushrooms. It will focus on 7 mushrooms that are common to the area. I have been using these mushrooms for many years as food and medicine. Learn the basic identification skills, ethics of gathering, medicinal uses, energetics, and methods of making teas, broths, and tinctures. Mushrooms include turkey tails, chanterelles, varnished conk (aka reishi), chicken of the woods, artist’s conk, hen of the woods, and boletes. For those who will never pick wild mushrooms, I will offer tips on purchasing growing kits or mushroom powders and other preparations.

Mushrooms offer many nourishing and healing qualities. They are known to make vitamin D even after they’ve been picked. They are high in trace minerals and polysaccharides. Learn more about what they do, how they might work, and what to do with them.

7 Lake Erie Mushrooms

January 27, 2-6 PM

Center for Growth
2049 West Prospect Rd (Rt 20)
Ashtabula, Ohio 44004

Sliding-scale donation $20-40*


How to register:

Sign up is requested by Jan. 20 using our contact page with the word “mushrooms” in the comment block: https://serpentineproject.wordpress.com/contact-us/

*When a donation range is offered, it is called a sliding-scale donation, meaning pay what you can afford in the range. If you can pay more, it means you are paying it forward. Payment options will be sent to you when you sign up.


100_1923This class is taught by herbalist and forager Leah Wolfe. Leah has been studying herbs and philosophies around healing for 25 years and teaching for more than 10 years. She completed a masters degree in public health in 2009. She has been teaching in NE Ohio at the Trillium Center, an educational project she co-founded) since 2013.