St. John’s Wort Immersion

In the depths of winter, a special workshop and initiation will be held to celebrate the plant…

St. John’s wort.


January 12-13, 2018
Ashtabula, Ohio


St. John’s wort is known for its ability to “let in the light” and as a healer of wounds. Come learn of the vast physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing qualities of this common weed.

During this immersion and initiation you will learn about this plant through your senses. You will taste and smell tea, tincture, flower essence, and more. You will feel oil on your skin. We will start with the herbal actions that St. John’s wort has on the body. Then, explore the emotional and mental healing St. John’s wort offers to the mind. Finally, to experience the spiritual aspects of the plant, we will work with visualizations and the dreaming aspects of plant medicines.

Together, we will make an elixir of St. John’s wort and will talk about how to identify it in the field. We will cover the chemistry, history, herbal actions, energetics, folklore, and traditional uses of this herb that is popular today as an antidepressant herb. Come learn how St. John’s wort is much, much more…  and why using it incorrectly may bring you the thing you are trying to avoid.

We will begin in the evening on Jan 12 so we can experience setting of the sun and the morning sun shining on Lake Erie while delving into the healing of St. John’s wort during the darkest days of winter. We will end on the evening of Jan 13 after spending 24 hours learning and sensing and experiencing the vitality of this illuminating herb. The class will be held at a lake side home in the historic harbor district of Ashtabula, Ohio.
SJW tincture
Homeopathic doses and flower essences will be offered for participants concerned about drug interactions.


The cost of the program is $85-100 per person depending on whether you’d like a bed or would like to take a couch. Fees cover lodging, class materials and supplies, and instructor costs.