Mushrooms, Emotions, & Aquaponics

Here are some upcoming events via the Trillium Center!


Wild Mushrooms of our Forests, Farms & Urban Lots

October 4, 6-9 PM
Trillium Center, Conneaut, Ohio

Learn what fungi exist commonly within communities. Gathering mushrooms increases our awareness of the ecology of our environment and helps us reconnect to our ancestral selves. It doesn’t take much to walk out the door and find edibles, medicinals and even poisonous life forms. Journey into the field of knowledge we all once knew. Tap into the diverse and vast world of fungi that live within the region. Exploring the ethics of gathering and what sensitive life exists in our forests. Learn basic skills to proper identification and how mushrooms and fungi live within our forests. Click here to read more about the class including the skills you will learn and to register. Sliding-scale fee $45-75

Goldenrod was the herb for emotional healing last month.

Herbs for Emotional & Spiritual Healing

Oct 12, 6-8 PM
Center for Growth, Ashtabula, Ohio

Herbs are amazing in that they can help people on all levels, not just the physical. Yes, they help balance and nourish the body, but they are limitless when it comes to emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

In this short but intensive class, herbalist Leah Wolfe, will guide you on a journey of developing relationships with plants so that you can work with them to heal emotional and spiritual wounds. For example, the plant above is Yarrow, also known as the Healer’s Healer, healer of all wounds, whether physical or emotional. It is used for spiritual and emotional protection.

One person who attended said that he learned about Dandelion in such a profound way, the power of Dandelion will always be with him; that he brought something very good into his spirit, mind and body. Others have found that working with herbs this way helped them identify food allergies and other sensitivities, while teaching them how to find the herbs that are best for them.  This is an opportunity to explore the natural world in a hands-on environment where you will learn things that you will never forget.

Join this class to learn more. This class will be offered monthly so you can meet a new plant each month. Contact us if you’d like to join us!

You can read the results of the last class, which featured Goldenrod, here:

Sliding-scale donation: $5-20  This group is open to the public!
Sliding-scale donation means that you pay what you can afford in the suggested range. If you can afford it, pay it forward!


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Community Herbal Intensive 2017

Community Herbal Intensive 2018

Monthly TBD, 10-5, Mar-Nov
The Community Herbal Intensive is an educational program for herbalists and other plant lovers who want to make a connection between herbal medicine and community health. The monthly workshops will take participants out into the field to work with plants or into the streets to develop community projects. This program is for anyone interested in furthering their studies of herbal medicine in a hands-on environment while developing skills for creating community projects. The goal of the program is to give participants skills, ideas, and strategies to start community projects that emphasize holistic health, folk medicine, education, gardening, and foraging. Payment plans available in advance…

More info: