Foraged Finds: Wild Mushrooms of our Forests, Farms & Urban Lots 

Join us for a mushrooming experience with Olga Tzogas & Willoughby Arevalo

Foraged Finds: Wild Mushrooms of our Forests, Farms & Urban Lots

October 4, 6-9 PM
Trillium Center, Conneaut, OH


Learn what fungi exist commonly within communities. Gathering mushrooms and other wild things increases our awareness of the ecology of our environment and helps us reconnect to our ancestral selves. It doesn’t take much to walk out the door and find edibles, medicinals, and even poisonous life forms. Journey into the field of knowledge we all once knew. Tap into the diverse and vast world of fungi that live within the region. Exploring the ethics of gathering and what sensitive life exists in our forests. Learn basic skills for proper identification and how fungi live within our forests.

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Sliding-scale fee: $45-75 per person

A sliding-scale fee is offered as a way to allow people with less money to pay less, and people with more money to pay more. If you can pay a little more, consider it a way of paying it forward. 

This workshop intends to teach the core principles and skills of mushroom identification and ease the learning curve by clarifying broad concepts and offering tools to the beginner to intermediate mushroomer. The workshop will begin with a collection foray and continue indoors with lecture and demonstration.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the Language of Mycology – Common and Scientific
  • Taxonomy: Macro to Micro
  • Mushroom Anatomy and Macroscopic Features – Discerning with all the Senses
  • Recognizing Habitats and Reading Ecological Roles
  • Making and Reading Spore Prints
  • Using a Dichotomous Key
  • Major Groups and Species to Know
  • Seasonality and Geographical Occurance
  • The Mushroom Hunter’s Tools and Equipment
  • Ethical Harvesting Practices
  • Edibility and Toxicity
  • Medicinal Properties
  • Taking Field Notes
  • Resources for Further Study

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