Mushroom and Wild Medicine Intensive

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Herbal Field Intensive, aka Weekend in the Woods

September 29-October 1

One of the most beautiful places to visit in the autumn is the Allegheny National Forest. We spent a weekend in the woods there last summer and saw some amazing plants, mushrooms, and wildlife. The pictures above are from the area we will revisit.

But now, we want to go in the fall to see the mushrooms and the autumn roots.

Hands-on skill building activities include:
— plant walks to learn how to locate plants and mushrooms
— field identification of plants and mushrooms
— spore identification of mushrooms
— incorporating wild foods into meals and beverages
— learning to use field guides (and identifying which field guides work for you)
— building community around foraging and the love of plants and mushrooms
— breathing deeply in the depths of the woods
— developing a system for learning materia medica (the study of the medicinal properties of plants and mushrooms)
— an emphasis on several native plants

Cost: $125-175 sliding scale

This means pay what you can afford in that range. If you can afford a little more it makes it easier on the people who have to pay less. If you can pay more, consider it an opportunity to pay it forward.

The work/study positions for this event have been filled.

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