Herbal First Aid – August 5

Echinacea purpurea

Herbal First Aid & Plant Walk

August 5, 10-4
Plant Walk is at 4 pm and is free!

Light Footsteps Farm, Chardon, OH

Increase your self-reliance skills by integrating wild plants and kitchen ingredients into basic first aid remedies. Learn how to provide minor first aid and wellness care at home or outdoors and quickly identify emergencies. We will focus on common and easy-to-grow plants for herbal first aid. This is a hands-on class. No first aid experience required.

This preventive approach to natural first aid has three core values: the human mind and body is a self-healing organism, early detection of illnesses, and careful treatment of minor wounds to prevent infections. Find out why you only need to know five plants to enhance your first aid skills. Learn a quick assessment to determine when to call for help. Practice using plant remedies and learn how to make a few versatile herbal products to have in your medicine cabinet.

Join Leah Wolfe for this hands-on workshop. Since 2013, Wolfe has practiced and taught first aid and natural wellness in the streets, in free clinics, at conferences, camps, and in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. Class fee for Herbal First Aid is $65; includes materials, supplies, refreshments, and instructor’s fees.

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This workshop is part of the Trillium Center’s Mobile Education Project!