Community Garden Job Available

The Trillium Center and the Conneaut Human Resources Center have been collaborating to create an educational community garden project. It’s called CHEWS! Community Health Education for Wellness and Strength. The CHRC applied for an Americorp VISTA position and now there is a job available. The Trillium Center will provide mentoring to the person in this position (more info below). This is a brochure outlining the benefits of the VISTA position:

Benefits of AmeriCorps VISTA.jpg

Here is the job description:

The Vista member will coordinate on behalf of the Conneaut Human Resources Center the Community Garden project with the intent to outreach to the service area the importance of healthy produce and nutritional eating habits. The member will also be responsible for the recruitment and retention of volunteers that will assist with the operations of the garden but also promote the garden to organizations, clubs, civic leaders and students. During the term of service, a database of volunteers needs to be developed, strategic planning for growth and/or expansion of the Community Garden in other parts of the city, develop a network of organizations, clubs and churches interested in the mission of the garden and overall marketing of the program. Application and more info available at: