The Art of Herbalism


The Art of Herbalism:
Medicine Making Intensive

January 21, 12 pm-6 pm

Spend a day making herbal remedies to start or diversify your own wild medicine chest. Learn about energetics and herbal actions and how to choose the best kind of remedy. We’ll make teas, syrups, tinctures, oils, poultices, and herbal pills, including some to take home.

The Art of Herbalism is a series of classes offered by herbalist Leah Wolfe. The intention is to create a sense of what herbalism can look like in daily life and what it means to be an herbalist. Click on the links in the left-hand column to sign up for updates via newsletter or email updates from our blog.

Class fee of $50 includes materials, supplies, refreshments, tea, and the teaching fee. If you want to attend this class but need financial assistance, please Contact Us.