Weekend in the Woods pics!

The Allegheny National Forest is magical. Here are some of the photos from the Weekend in the Woods: Herbal Field Intensive that was held in June 2016. Starting top left and going down counter clock-wise: The HFI crew heading into the woods; Leah Wolfe talking about plants in what is called the riparian zone, the zone alongside a waterway, here a small forest stream. We were looking at an edible plant called wood nettle (Laportea canadensis); we found some glossy artist’s conks (Ganoderma lucidum), most famously known as reishi; a salamander that seemed to glow it was so orange; a path in the woods at Chapman State Park; and last but not least, a rare pink lady’s slipper orchid also known as moccasin flower (Cyprepedium acaule). A big thank you to Elliot Dale and Kristin Elliot for the photos. A bigger thank you to Elliot and Camille, our work/trade cooks who made fabulous food all weekend.

The next Weekend in the Woods will be held the 3rd weekend in August. Where do you want to go? Send your ideas to me at leah@trilliumcenter.org.

Tickets for the next Weekend in the Woods are available here:

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