Heart’s Content

In the Allegheny Forest there is a special place called Heart’s Content. It was preserved in the midst of a large logging operation. I’ve seen things there I will never see again. Tiny glass-like mushrooms covering giant fallen logs. I’ve never been there in June. What will I find? Come join me…

Weekend in the Woods: Herbal Field Intensive
June 3-5, 2016

The HFI is a 3-day educational retreat in the woods and fields to learn about regional plants in different parts of Ohio. This is the second HFI and will be held in the Allegheny National Forest where we will find many plants that don’t grow at lower elevations. We can explore the woods and parks like Heart’s Content. Food and lodging are included in the registration fee. Note this is a camping event and you will need to bring your own tent and other supplies. Participants in the HFI will help with the preparation and cooking to integrate herbalism into daily living. There are two work/study positions available for people who like to plan and cook meals. Write to trilliumctr@gmail.com if you are interested in knowing more about this.

Deposit = $50
Registration = $145
Total = $195

Registration is now open. The first HFI sold out, so reserve your space early!