oddities never cease

mixed stuffy pile

So this happened Friday night. Drinks were spilled, stuffing flew. 6 grown adults sat around and cut apart and then sewed together stuffed animals with a 2 year old running rough shod over the works. I’m still awaiting word and photo evidence of a few of the monsters that fled the scene that night. A few of them have been caught in the act. One set has even showed their ability to hoodwink the human population into believing their plush lovable exteriors aren’t masks for darker intentions inside.

Corcomicrab captured scuttling through the bare branches.

Leah's monster

Patrick snuggles
Baffled earthling gleefully lets them into his life.
Julia's brood
Lurkers pushing through the tall grass.
little girls best friend
wooing even the innocent
Sally Rex
Sally Rex demures in the garden