where’s the global warming?

This weekend we got a Pass. The big Snow Belt Hall Pass. Reports of 6″ of powder Friday night about 10 miles south  of us. We woke up to less than 2″. And this after several 70 degree F days in a row no less. The snow is all melted and filling all the brooks, streams and Conneaut Creek to their high points. I do so hope we are done with the wintery cold for the season. Still waiting for the ground to dry out so I can go and get the clay to finish the coop floor.

I know the seasons turn in their time, but wow, what a winter. Warm and mild to be sure, except there at the end when the temperature dropped below 0 deg F (not last night)and then just hung around like the last person at the party, not sure if they want to go home, or stay the night because they are too drunk to navigate. GO HOME WINTER, YOU’RE DRUNK.

The last few days have had me either hiding in the house by the wood stove or riding my Shaving Horse. It’s stools and benches for all. They are made out of Black Locust, so they will outlive everything but the hills and they are heavy. Split logs with shaved down legs. Primitive. Leah said they look like something the Pilgrims would have used. That’s close to what she said anyway. I get it. bench stampede

Not sure how comfortable they are to sit on but I built one, not pictured, that is the same 25″ tall as the milking stand. It only has 3 legs like the little one bottom right in the above picture. But at 2x the height, it is a thing to behold. I’ll try and get Leah into the barn at milking time for an action shot but no promises. I ain’t taking no selfie while I’m milking. I simply can’t do such a thing while Ann is caught unawares in an otherwise compromising and vulnerable position. That’s not entirely true. She knows exactly what is happening ‘back there.’ She is pretty used to the position. Not happy about it. Ive never known a goat to just stand there while I milk them. It’s more of a toleration thing. There is still that time between when she is done eating, and when her milk is mostly expressed. I’ve read that this last milk is the fattiest. She was very carefully working at scraping my left hand off her teat this morning with perfect accuracy. Defiantly my hand and not the bucket. We worked it out.

giant flower

Thought I would include this giant flower blooming in the house right now to take some of the edge off my recent cranking.  Not really. But maybe a little. Kind of like the Bearded Saki. This is not a Bearded Saki. That is ridiculous. This is a giant red flower. It may have a latin name and a common name, but I don’t know them. And it doesn’t really matter. It’s big, and red, and blooming.


3 thoughts on “where’s the global warming?

  1. Nice shaving horses and stools.We have a few here for making spindles and stretchers for chairs.i bet Joe is envious of your locust ones.

  2. It is an Amaryllis, and you have a nice one. It looks like it might be”red lion” variety. Plant it out for the summer, after any risk of frost is past. Then after the first light fall frost, cut off leaves, dig up, dry it out and keep cool and on humid side(any good root cellar). Six to eight weeks(depends on room temperature) before you want it to bloom, plant the bulb in a pot and start watering it.

    You can also over winter those very pretty hot house orchards that many super markets sell. We’ve got three old ones in glorious bloom on the window sill. Makes a gray winter day!


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