Not so cheesy

cheesy eater

Made our first batch of cheese today. More of a Queso Blanco than a Farmer Cheese. By that I guess it just refers to how much cider vinegar. Blanco uses half as much as the Farmer Cheese in my goat book.

if you’re curious, the recipe is as follows

1 gallon fresh goat milk

1/4 cup vinegar.

heat milk to 185 dec F  DO NOT BOIL!!! stir constantly.

stir in the vinegar slowly

once curds form, ladle(or pour) them off into a loose mesh bag or cloth


for firmer cheese, compress blob with a weighted plate to express more water/whey

then eat it

or mash it into your belly button if you have an inny










2 thoughts on “Not so cheesy

  1. walking out on my own personal limb here
    Lactose Intolerance is generally associated with heavily processed grain fed cow’s milk. goat milk is pretty much awesome. naturally “homogenized”, the fat particles are small enough that almost all warm blooded animals can consume it safely while most milk is intended STRICTLY for the young of that species. Goats are different in that.

    Phrag=Phragmites australis aka common reed
    this stuff is pretty much universal to this planet. Thor Heyerdahl made a boat and sailed it from south america thru oceania (the 2nd trip)
    also used as thatch

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