BABY GOAT and dirt lasagna


I’ll just start it off with a picture of our new girl.

It’s been a busy day for me. I tend to get up before the sun now. I really can’t tell why. Even when I’m not asleep by 10:00 pm, I’m up early. Today was no different. What is different about today is that the ground is drying up and the temperatures were in the 70’s!!

Down right balmy. The dry ground allowed me to get 5 loads of clay from across the street and put them into the ramp and the floor.

Tamping soil is not a lot of fun. The insides of my shoulders hurt. I had chest pains while I was doing it today. It was a muscles-on-the-outside-of-my-rib-cage-are-pissed-off-and-want-to-stop-now-thank-you kind of pain. I got to within a couple of inches of full for most of the floor. My arms are tired.

Anyone who want to help out, feel free, I could use the help.

Maybe I’ll let you pet Viann.