Viann joins the flock and a very busy day

Yesterday (Monday, March 7, 2016) was indeed a momentous day. Our first kid was born and there is now a ramp leading up to the door of the barn. This was a bit of a confluence of events.

Viann day 2I was starting to have my doubts the other day if we had miscounted her breeding date and that maybe she wan’t due for another month. Well, she showed me otherwise. By 1:45 yesterday we had our newest member of the flock breathing gaseous oxygen for the first time. Oh my heavens that was TOTALLY disgusting. Ann OBVIOUSLY knew exactly what she was doing. She is a very attentive mother. Even knowing what was coming, watching Ann eat EVERYTHING that came out with the kid was urrrpy. I didn’t puke. Barely. Leah tells me that some human women will sometimes have their placenta dried and put into capsules to help them gag it down. Ann needed no capsule. I really can’t express it. Giant gobs of mucus and I really don’t know for sure. She sucked it right down. Placenta too. Afterbirth. Whoa. When I left the barn last night, everyone seemed content.

While we only got the 1, it is a girl. Her head has a thin stripe of brown going from the nose to the ears on both sides of her head, forming a V that brackets the white star on her forehead. I suggested Vivian. Leah countered with Viann. Pronounced V-Ann. Simple. She will be getting all her mom’s milk for the next week or so. Maybe longer, as she is intended to be part of the milking flock.

Anyway. Upon opening the barn door this morning, I was greeted with sight of Viann springing just over 12″ straight up. Again and again. Baby goat. She is a good looking kid. She has a white saddle and was appears to be a brown underbelly with a black head and rump. Time will tell with that though.

This whole birthing thing took a few hours once it got rolling. I pretty well knew something was up when I went to the barn first thing. Ann was actually muttering to herself. Soft Talking it’s called. This meant I had to stay around all day and I needed something to do.

Barn rampGetting the clay soil from the pile behind the pond across the street has been complicated by the melting soil base. I’ll have to wait a while for it to finish melting and firm up so the MULE doesn’t eat the yard where I’ve been driving. In order to keep moving ahead, I decided to dig the pile of left over gravel/soil/cement that came from under the driveway slab when we re-poured it. My intention was to use the pile, if it wan’t needed in the barn, and turn it it into a loading dock next to our wood shed. Instead, I took the entire pile and made the ramp. I do hope it drains well.

In addition to moving the pile out of the front yard, the last of the building materials have gotten re-located from the Seedhouse. It’s starting to look like something other than a construction site. All the left over bricks from when we built the cooker stove behind the house got moved out as well. Now, all the brick are in 1 place and stacked neatly so I can tell what I’ve got. It’s a remarkable pile.

Doing the dosey do with bricks and blocks and what not gave me reason to go back to the barn every 30-45 minutes. It all seems to have worked out for the good.


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