Filling the Floor, et al.

shorter fire box

Step one of course was to get this rocket to fire fight. A most heart felt Thank You to Glenn Herbert who chimed in with his $0.02 and saved my butt in a big way. for our discussion.

My plan was to make sure this thing will fire off without MAJOR reconstruction. I don’t really want to go back into that riser right now. But, the firebox was easily accessible and a potential part of the sluggish draft. Therefore, it got shortened. I can’t exactly remember at the moment of writing, but it is now either 7.5″ or 9″ shorter/closer to the barrel. I tried to take pictures of it burning, but the chimney shots are not helpful. It seems to burn clean after a short while with nothing but the 90 and a 5′ section of duct pointing up. I haven’t gone any further with plumbing it, yet. The buried duct will can be about 20′ long, 10′ out and 10′ back if heating that much mass is really doable with small a diameter system. First i’ll try it and see how it flows.  Then, up the chimney, which has to go 9′ just to get to the roof line. Another 6′ wouldn’t be a bad thing as the peak is so tall. That puts my Chimney at 15′. That is for later.  The numbers aren’t working out in my head yet.

Next came the floor where the heated mass will be sitting. Had a good bit of help from Jared and Emily on Saturday figuring all this part out. We had to dig down to the bare soil, roughly level with the actual footer of the barn’s block wall. Back fill, level, tamp.

location of mass


plastic and insulationmass and floor infillLaid heavy plastic directly on the leveled soil, and down went the insulation panels. 22x48x2″. The box will be 22″ wide, 20″deep, and at this point, either 8-12′ long. I have options. Anyway, since then, I’ve leveled and filled all the way across the floor at the very base level, the plastic went all the way across and then a layer of cement and soil on top.

The pictures aren’t all that great, especially the last one. The floor along the outer wall has already had several layers of cement and tamped soil laid in, so the plastic takes a step up roughly 3/4 of the way across the room. All along the outer wall is piled the remaining chunks of cement that can go into the floor. The pile looks a lot more formidable than it actually is. A bit of explanation here. In the picture below, examine the right half of the image. In the middle of the right border is seen a horizontal band of yellow. The middle of this board is where the floor level will be (red line). Just over 24″ to go.what's next