What a day.


Of late, there have been a few more visitors coming with the intention to help me move things along. John came by today and spent a good handful of hours helping me get the barn’s new rocket stove to a place where it could rest while I finish the rest of the floor.

What we did was to first go over the riser’s soft brick with a rasp to take off any of the higher edges left over. Then we mixed a batch of the earth mortar (same 1 clay/4 sand ratio) and covered the entire outside of the riser with a thin layer as well as mashing it into the gaps between the bricks. I figure this will aid the smoke as it heads through the system. The less sharp edges and harsh bends the better. There is around 1 1/2″ to 1 3/4″ between the barrel and the riser all the way around and supposedly 2″ on top. After we got it all mortared in, we assembled a gathering chamber where the smoke will go into the ducting system. this sort also has to have a clean out. For this, a 4″ solid cement block is placed over the box. This block will stick above the floor surface. We mixed up a quick batch of cob (50% bank sand 50% native clay pushed through a 1/2″ screen and some grass/hay). This was used to fill in all the nooks and crannies around cleanup box and where the 55 gallon barrels sits onto the stove itself.

I wasn’t all that pleased with the meager draft we were able to achieve with only one section of duct just jammed onto the back of the stove. Over the next little while, I’ll be getting the rest of the horizontal and vertical ducting. With the 6″ diameter in the ducting, I think I can run 35-40′ of almost horizontal duct before it needs to either rise in a chimney or vent outside.

The work goes on though. I’ve been wrenching on the MULE a bunch lately and with any fortune, it will be up to the challenge of the barn floor.

Till next time