Goat Shed

earlier this year i put up the beginnings of the once and future goat herd management system.

as yet i’m only about 30% sure of how i’m going to manage these folks over behind the shop building.

regardless I built them a little shed so that they had someplace to go and get out of the rain. it’s pretty small. maybe 3×4′. not so small that at least 2 biggish goats can lay down with room for at least 1 full or a couple of kids. the metal was obtained through a donation from a local roofing company (WWDD)

sorry there is no animal for reference. i think it’s about 5′ tall.

the metal was left-overs and only 1 piece of metal was actually cut to pull this off

the building itself was a total departure for me. i knew that i wanted to do pegging (or whatever this is called) so why not just make something silly to experiment? NONE of the locust branches that this thing is made out of are anywhere near straight. the metal is flexed and torqued around this goofy frame.

it’s 1″ holes punched with a gnarly paddle bit. the thinner upright and rafter poles were made dimensional in a little wood vice with a drawknife. pretty awesome tool if you ever get the chance to use one. mine are very old and VERY functional.

i need to do more to the floor before the goats live there for any length of time. as you can see, the bale of straw i threw in there was just hammered down between the slats and is currently wedged into the pallet. i have some great heavy mesh i’m going to put down.

the entire thing doesn’t weigh 50″ to drag around the yard.

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  1. Nice Charles! Reminds me of the ramadas I saw in Albuquerque: just branch framing with more branches laid on top by the front doors of adobe homes. People sit under them on hot days. I like the roughness and the handiwork of the rough framing, which retains the natural (non-90 degree) angles of the tree. Bet the goats will dig it!

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