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Join Herbalists Without Borders today and receive beautiful gifts of gratitude! See the Borderless Giving Campaign to see available gifts. The Trillium Center is a recognized Herbalists Without Borders project. Our HWB focus is on creating a mobile herb and education clinic. If you want to help with the mobile education project donate here:

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visit the Borderless Giving Campaign!

HerbalistsSmallTransparentLightBlueHerbalists Without Borders is an organization unlike any other, providing an astonishing array of health and wellness resources for marginalized communities throughout the world. From Los Angeles to Nepal to Belize and beyond, Herbalists Without Borders is there to provide Down To The Ground Green Medicine For The People!

Reaching far beyond herbalism, Herbalists Without Borders supports a variety of projects, including:

Free People’s Clinics
Trauma Trainings
HWB Local Chapters—60 to date!
International Borderless Medicine programs and exchanges
Community Apothecary
Community Organizing
Medicinal Herb Seed Saving
Transportation and Rural Access
Diversity and Inclusivity Training
Community Herb Gardens
Single Parent Support
CAM Brain Injury
End The Violence
Healing Arts
With more projects coming on line all the time.

Herbal medicine, chiropractic, energy medicine, yoga, art, music, HWB Herbal Clinics bring green medicine to those who need it most. HWB Community Apothecaries ensure that those with limited income still have access to herbal medicines they choose to use for their health and wellness. HWB Trauma Training assists regional health care providers with tools to consciously care for people in crisis.

Herbalists Without Borders affirms each individual’s self-agency and right to dignity. This includes a choice of health and wellness options, something that is often missing in our modern models. Providing the complementary and holistic care modalities listed above, and providing resources to communities where those resources can be hard to come by.

Your donation supports this critical work, the amazing projects you’ve read about that provide TRUE healing to those communities with limited access to holistic healing modalities.

By becoming a member, you are taking action and engaging in the work of Herbalists Without Borders. You lend your voice to those who need it, and your engagement lends hands on the ground all over the world.

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