Herbal Materia Medica

Herbal Materia Medicachicory

November 1, 2-4 pm
Trillium Center
715 Furnace Rd. Conneaut, OH 44030

Class participants at the Trillium Center say that the best learning experience comes directly from the plants through taste, touch, and smell. Learning through the senses allows them to remember the healing properties at a much deeper level than through reading, watching videos, or listening to lectures.

The plants that live around us experience the same environment that we do. Learning from them through our senses teaches us about their medicinal properties. Their properties vary according to the region and climate they grow in. I invite you to learn about our regional plants by joining the Herbal Materia Medica classes.

The classes were formerly called the Serpentine Project. I am changing the name to Herbal Materia Medica to better reflect the goal of developing a regional material medicaThe Latin phrase “Materia Medica” refers to the list of materials that can be used as medicine.

Whether you wish to deepen your herbal knowledge or are experiencing it for the first time, we all have much to learn from our plant teachers.

Please join us by sending an email to trilliumctr@gmail.com to reserve a seat.

Class fee is $10 per person.


Leah Wolfe

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