Wilderness Series Continues: Herbal First Aid

Photo of WFA class
WFA students practice rolling a patient during a scenario to check his back for injuries.

You might remember that we held a Wilderness First Aid class back in June. It was a great class and we are looking forward to the next classes.

Upcoming classes include:

  • Herbal First Aid – August 29, 12-noon
  • Wilderness Skills: Fire – August 30, TBA
  • Wilderness Skills: Water – September 26, TBA

Herbal First Aid
Some of our best first aid remedies are right at our feet. Learn how to use common plants and home remedies to stop bleeding, soothe burns, reduce fevers, clean and heal wounds, and heal all kinds of minor aches and pains. Write to trilliumctr@gmail.com to sign up. Class fee is $40.

We will have more details on the Wilderness Skills Fire and Water classes in the next couple weeks.