Two Plant Events Saturday!

stellaria media

Join Leah Wolfe, herbalist and forager, at Raccoon Park on Saturday from 12-2 PM to learn about the medicinal plants growing along Lake Erie. Class fee is $10. Send an email to to sign up and get directions.

Join the Serpentine Plant Study Group from 4-6 PM at the Trillium Center, 715 Furnace Rd, Conneaut, OH 44030. Learn about medicinal plants through direct experience. We will drink tea and taste a tincture of a medicinal plant that is common to our region. Then after we develop a list of potential medicinal properties, I will tell you what the plant is and we will discuss the differences and similarities between what we taste in the medicine and what the books say. Class donation is $10/person. You will get a sample of the medicine to take home. Send an email to to sign up!

Read what we learned about Chickweed and other plants at