Drinking Tea to Study Herbs

The hairy twig of Staghorn Sumac.
The hairy twig of Staghorn Sumac.

The next Serpentine Study Group meeting is on May 23 at 4 PM at the Trillium Center. You are invited to come; we only have 10 seats, so please reserve your spot in advance. We will drink tea and taste tincture made from a regional medicinal plant so that we can learn first-hand how to use these amazing plants. The cost for the class is $10 and includes a sample to take home. Here is the webpage from our first class of the year:


From the webpage: 

The Serpentine Project study group resumed in April of 2015 to enjoy a freshly-harvested tree medicine: sumac. In our area, Staghorn Sumac is the predominant species. It’s Latin name is Rhus typhina.  It is in the same genus as poison ivy and the same family as cashews and mangos. The drupes or “berries” have been used to color and flavor food, make a lemony drink, and as a medicine, particularly in India. The stems are hollow and can be used to make pipes and spiels to tap trees for syrup. For our early spring study group, we drank tea and tasted tincture made from the bark. To read the rest, click here:


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