Community Herbal Intensive

10516683_10152377639784639_6795640765480905093_nREASON NUMBER FOUR TO ATTEND THE CHI

This is a text message I received this morning from one of the people who completed the Community Herbal Intensive in 2014 (italics are mine):

“Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to make a presentation a few weeks ago. (CHI participants are required to make a presentation to receive their CHI certificate and letter of recommendation at the end of the program). As it turns out, my presentation before the board of the Erie City Mission is this Friday. One of the most valuable pieces of feedback was to make a 3-year plan, which I’m working on. Also, to focus on the positive benefits (of community gardens), not so much the overwhelming needs (poverty, poor nutrition, disconnection from nature, disease, etc…). I’ll let you know how it goes!”

So this is to send out good wishes to Karen Smock this week as she prepares to put the project she developed in class into action! Good luck, Karen!

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