Increase Access to Art Education in the Lake Erie Region

Center panel of the Herb Quilt depicting the relationship of the ants and the trilliums.

On October 17, we are having a tea party and a drawing for the Herb Quilt. This event will help us raise funds to increase access to art education in the Lake Erie region by building a ceramic studio in Conneaut, OH.

Herb Quilt Tea Party
October 17, 6-8 PM
715 Furnace Rd.
Conneaut, OH 44030

If you would like to get tickets, go to this page and enter a donation of $5 per ticket. The funds will help us increase access to art education in the Lake Erie region:
The funds for this event are the seed money to create an educational ceramic studio in Conneaut, Ohio. The studio will allow people in the area to learn how to make pottery in low-cost classes. 
Help us raise more money by sharing this website with your friends and family:

Here is the story about the quilt!

The Herb Quilt hanging in the Seed House.
The Herb Quilt hanging in the Seed House.

Last fall, a friend asked, “What plants would you like in a quilt?” You see, she wanted something to do over the winter that would keep her hands busy, that would also benefit the Trillium Center. Did I mention she is a hand-quilter?

Embroidered Dandelion.
Embroidered Dandelion.
Kristine's drawing of Dandelion.
Kristine’s drawing of Dandelion.

So I put the word out that I needed plant illustrations for an herb quilt. Kristine Brown of Herbal Roots Zine ( offered some drawings.

Her drawings of Dandelion, Wild Bergamot, Trillium, Chicory, Crampbark, New England Aster, Chickweed, and Marshmallow surround The Trillium and the Ant, the logo for the Trillium Center.

Each plant design is hand-embroidered on a white background. The border around the center illustration has a light, golden pattern that is reminiscent of Dandelion petals; this is set off with solid green blocks. The final touch is the binding of grass which binds it all together. The quilt is hand-pieced and hand-quilted with a signature panel on the back including the quilter, Theresa; Kristine; and Christina Mrozik of the Beehive Collective who drew the Trillium Center’s logo.

Embroidered New England Aster.
Embroidered New England Aster.
Kristine's drawing of New England Aster.
Kristine’s drawing of New England Aster.

Win the Herb Quilt

The Herb Quilt will be raffled off to raise funds for a ceramics studio in the carpenter’s shop. We are hoping to create a studio where people can come and learn how to make pots with local clay.

To get your tickets for a chance to win the Herb Quilt, make a $5 donation per ticket at or contact us at

Join Us for an Herbal Tea Party!

The drawing for the Herb Quilt will be held October 17, 6-8 PM . We will celebrate  with an herbal tea party with delicious treats. You don’t have to be present to win.