Community Herbal Intensive

Trillium stand 2The Community Herbal Intensive starts on Sunday – please note that this is a change from the original schedule. The remaining CHI workshops will be occuring on the last Saturdays of each month through October. The last day is November 15 – which is a day of presentations and celebrations. Those who have completed the series will receive a certificate. We have a couple of spaces left in the program, so if you’ve been thinking about it, you still have a chance to get in. To register, send an email to

This is the  description of the program:

The Community Herbal Intensive is an educational program for herbalists and other plant lovers who want to make a connection between herbal medicine and community health. The monthly workshops will take participants out into the field to work with plants or into the streets to develop community projects.

Leah Wolfe, MPH, will facilitate many of the workshops, and will be supported by guest herbalists from the region. Leah is a founder of the Trillium Center and facilitator for the Serpentine Project. Her teaching style interweaves science with intuition and hands-on experience in order to engage students on multiple levels. She hopes to inspire participants to deepen their understanding of plants while engaging with local communities to develop projects that improve health and facilitate healing.

The workshops will be held monthly at the Trillium Center from February to November. Workshops will be full days, and there will be at least two field trips to allow participants to see a variety of ecosystems.

Some of the topics covered:

  • basic botany for herbalists
  • community projects for health and healing
  • basic anatomy and physiology
  • basic methodologies and ideologies for using plant medicine
  • materia medica: the medicinal uses of plants and trees
  • from field to apothecary: wild crafting, foraging, and garbling
  • medicine making: oils, salves, tinctures, cordials, and more
  • herbal first aid/psychological first aid/emergency preparedness/caring for large groups

The cost per 8-hour workshop is $75; or the cost for the entire program is $650 due Feb 23. Seats are limited. To register for a workshop or for the entire program at a discounted price, send an email to

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